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Why Aged Health Insurance Leads Should Be A Part Of Your Plan?

Health - Brendon Burton - February 10, 2023


Aged health insurance leads work as a fuel to boost the sales of an insurance agent. For agents who are looking to grow their business, aged leads can offer a good return while neglecting the competition in the market. It not only lowers the cost but is also a type of long time investment. Websites, applications, social media platforms, e-commerce, etc. are taking over the traditional way of selling insurance by agents mostly after the pandemic however, agents have to come with profitable and convincing offers to lure the client.

So, what are aged health insurance leads?

Aged leads are a result of real prospects that are looking for insurance products. From 30-90 days, old leads are generally known as aged health leads. These old leads which are in working conditions can provide many advantages on sales, costs, and competitions. These are also a great and efficient way to train rookie agents because you don’t have to pay full price on new leads and can also bring them up to speed.

How does it help in reducing competition?

 Competition is one of the biggest challenges for agents and also builds pressure to be the first to contact the lead. Here, you won’t be always first to contact the lead successfully so spending more time on a particular lead waste of time. These are some scenarios that can help-


  • While enquiring a client gets loads of calls and messages this makes the client irritated. So wait for the storm to settle down.
  • Most of the agents don’t follow leads after the first week of inquiry so if you select aged health insurance leads, you’ll be the only one contacting that lead now.
  • Some things can happen after contacting such as the person may have already bought from the first person, he got the deal he wanted, or maybe he got annoyed by all the calls.
  • Now, if this happens then you can ask about his coverage and purchase plans. Look for a loophole that you can use for your sale. Try giving better deals with more coverage and also use affordable health insurance leads.
  • Offer a plan that’s right for that particular customer by creating a friendly environment and present at the right time.

It is not necessary that you’ll always get a sale but by the better strategy, you can definitely work on a particular lead which will increase the chances of the sale.

How much cost-efficient it is?

In conclusion, working with the right strategy working-aged health insurance lead can become a sustainable and profitable business in the long run. People working on fresh leads can also work on it depending upon the interest of the customer.

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